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TREXM 30 inch LED Recessed Electric Fireplace with 3 Top Light Colors, Remote Control, Adjustable Heating, and Touch Screen 1500W, Black

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Return Approval Rate: High
Response Rate: High

TREXM  30 inch LED Recessed Electric Fireplace with 3 Top Light Colors, Remote Control, Adjustable Heating, and Touch Screen 1500W, Black


1. Attractive and Practical Design: Features a sleek rectangular design and modern black scheme this fireplace adds texture to any living room, bedroom, library or hallway. That provides ambient heat up to 400 square feet, optimal for warming up the entire room. The heat can be regulated using the remote control and/or the button provided in the insert

2.Multi Operating Modes: Simply press the button (Open a door on the top right side

for operation all functions) or the buttons on remote to control temperature setting, timer setting, heat setting, top light, flame intensity and quick power on/off. Full spectrum LED colors for a unique  resin logs ember bed display-5 flame brightness levels, 3 top light option ( orange, blue, purple), 1-9H timer setting

3. Adjustable Heating: This product comes with two heating modes 750W and 1500W to heat area up to 400 square feet effectively. Also fireplace can be used without heater. Whether the heating is working depends on whether the settled temperature by thermostat is higher than the environment temperature. The Fan works anterior to the heater about 10s, and turns off later than the heater about 10s.

4. Automated Thermostat: Adjust the temperature set point to your individual requirements. Once the desired set temperature is reached the heater will turn off. The heater will cycle on and off to maintain the desired set temperature. The heat is good for maintaining the natural humidity within the air without making the room too dry. !NOTE: Holding the buttons down for 10 seconds on the unit, will change the temperature from °C to °F.

5.[ Warranty & Customer Service] 1 year warranty, feel free to contact us whenever you have questions, satisfied solutions would be provided. You will be amazed at the customer service you receive after the sale! ORDER NOW and consider buying one set for your sweet home. Let electric fireplace warm your home and life. 

Video link:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NBvsePRzsvcemg9L6VkZtwvoATvYMMUY/view?usp=sharing


Selling point

1. Hot in winter

2.Easy to assemble

3. Remote Control


Dimensions & Weight:


Overall Dimension

30“L x8.86”W x 25.4”H

Detail Dimension

Please refer to the image.

Package Dimension

33“L x 29”W x 13”H

Overall Weight


Package Weight





Product Name

Recessed Electric Fireplace

Advise mantel opening size

29.33”-29.73”W x 8.47”-8.66”D x 25.4”-25.5”H


Temperature, timer, log fuel, heat, flame intensity


3 heating modes,3 top light colors, 5 flame brightness levels


Iron frame + plastic

Internal Material

Glass, resin log


Touch screen control + remote control


LED Display temperature



Maximum BTU Output

5000 BTUs

Temperature Range


Room Size

400 square feet


CSA certification

Automatic Safety Shutoff


Flame Operational Without Heat


Supplier Intended and Approved Use

Residential Use

Care and Maintenance

Metal: Buff using a soft cloth, slightly dampened with a citrus oil-based product.

Glass: Use a good quality glass cleaner sprayed onto the cloth or towel. Dry thoroughly with a paper towel or lint-free cloth.

Vents: Use a vacuum or duster to remove dust and dirt from the heater and vent areas.

Plastic: Wipe gently with a slightly damp cloth and a mild solution of dish soap and warm water.



Assembly Required


Package Number


Country of Origin


Product Warranty

One year warranty



1.       Shipping Policy

After the B2B platform completes the order transaction, the earliest delivery time will generally be on the next business day.

Non-working days: Delivery on the first business day after Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.

US general cargo arrival time: Transportation time is 2-10 days, 3-5 days to arrival to receiver is the fastest possible.


2.       After Sales Service

(1) Free bonus accessories

(2) Compensation for all losses caused by product quality issues

(3) Compensation for some losses caused by customers or logistics

(4) Compensation for some losses from removing bad reviews caused by product problems


3.       Product Quality Test

The package includes 200 pounds of poly foam inner lining and carton. Our packaging has been tested and can pass the 80 centimeter drop test.


4.       More Cooperation method

(1)     Bargain: In order to support the initial promotion for the seller, a certain discount can be offered on orders that purchase more than 10 items in a single purchase.

(2)     Underwrite: For buyers who want to guarantee inventory, by paying a certain percentage (usually 20%) of the margin and promised sales for a period of time (usually one month), we will help lock in a certain amount of inventory, if the quantity is large and the forecast sales are is reached, we will provide a percentage of the discount.

(3)     Order futures: If you believe that the existing stock is unable to meet  demand, you can contact us to discuss product orders for upcoming stock. We offer more discounts for such goods.


5.       Contact Information

Any product or selling related questions, including inventory, price, information

Please feel free to contact us by Station letter or WeChat

Product manager: Zonkidd Wong



TREXM After-sales Service Instruction


In order to communicate more efficiently, when consulting after-sales questions, please provide the order number + product SKU + the original words and pictures of the guest (as detailed as possible) + your appeal; TREXM can only answer product-related questions. If you have trouble in logistics issues, platform functions, etc, please contact the platform customer service. Thank you for your cooperation!

1、  产品质量问题(缺部件、破损等)需重发

1, Product quality problems (missing parts, damage, etc.) need to be reshipped.


Please confirm with us whether it is possible to reship it to the customer first, and apply for RMA after the confirmation; if we replied that there is no stock and cannot reship, it is recommended to try a partial refund first. When it is not acceptable by the customer, try the full refund and keep the item ;

2、  产品质量问题造成的退款

2, Refunds caused by product quality problems


Partial refund: Our refund is based on a certain proportion of customer’s refund, and its upper limit is your actual B2B purchase price ;

Full refund: We will refund the actual B2B purchase price ;

3、  非产品质量问题售后(物流丢包、发错货、客人原因不喜欢、以及产品太小、有色差等主观臆断)

3. After-sales service for non-product quality problems ( packages lost, wrong goods are sent, customers do not like it, products are too small, there is a color difference, etc.)


It is recommended to contact the B2B platform to claim for logistic issues and wrong goods. Besides, the platform has special insurance service which you can ask for more detail info. Customer complaints caused by non-product quality problems will not be taken by us.

4、  申请RMA注意事项

4. Notes on applying for RMA


A. For customer complaints caused by product quality problems, please provide relevant instructions, such as where is the specific damage and which parts are missing. It is better to ask the customer to provide pictures. If there is no picture and no detailed description, it will be regarded as no reason refund, and that will not be accepted;


B. For the RMA refund, a screenshot containing the details of the refund to the customer must be attached. We need to upload it to the system for backup. Thank you for your cooperation.

5、  处理RMA的时效

5. The timeliness of processing RMA


The RMA for reshipping the entire package will be processed before the end of the day; the RMA for unpacking will be processed within three workdays because it requires IT’s assistance to record it; the RMA for refund will be processed before the end of the day. if your application comes a little late , it will be postponed to the second workday; if your RMA comes on weekends, since the warehouse does not operate on weekends, it will be processed on Monday;

6、  重发什么时候出单号

6. When will the tracking number be uploaded?


A. When the warehouse has stock, the whole package can be reshipped directly in B2B system. Generally, the tracking number will be available in two workdays;


B. When we have to unpack the package and reship the part to the customer, it will take five to ten workdays to upload tracking numbers (the warehouse is overload currently, and when the subsequent back to normal, the number of days will be reduced after the timeliness is enhanced);


C. When we need  to reship the part to the customer from the factory, considering that international air transportation will take a long time, and some parts are not already made, it is difficult to predict an accurate time for the customer. Since we have the same purpose which is try looking for the most efficient solution, we will send feedback as soon as we have the tracking number, please be patient.

7、  拥有多个采购账号的buyer,用其中一个账号全款囤货后,想退库存给其他账号购买

7. Buyers who have multiple purchasing accounts want to return some inventory to other accounts for purchase after using one of the accounts to stock up by the full amount

平台禁止此项操作,且退回库存会提高我们的return rate,影响店铺健康,请您多账号全款囤货时结合销量考虑一下库存分配,多谢您的谅解;

The platform prohibits this operation, returning the inventory will increase our return rate and affect the evaluation of our store. Please consider the inventory allocation in conjunction with the sales volume before making full stocking decisions. Thank you for your understanding;


8. The margin stock is not sold out (including the cancellation before shipping)


We will not return margin stocks for now. Please pay the balance when it is due, and we will not return such full payment stocks;


9. The full payment stock is not sold out (including the cancellation before shipping)


Once the inventory is sold, it will not be refunded unless there are special circumstances. If the customer cancels the order before shipping, please apply for an RMA return within seven days (since the date you actually place the order on B2B);

考虑到双方长期友好合作关系,每位buyer每月有一次机会退回库存(多ID buyer只能选择其中一个ID操作),具体要求如下:

Considering establish a long-term friendly cooperative relationship between our two parties, each buyer has an opportunity to return the inventory once a month (multi-ID buyers can only choose one of the IDs). The specific requirements are as follows:

A、  购买时间0-7天,退还全额采购金额;

A. When the purchase time is within 7 days, a full purchase amount will be refunded;


B. When the purchase time is between 8-30 days, 80% of the purchase amount will be refunded, and the remaining 20% ​​of the purchase price will not be refunded;


C. When the purchase time is between 31-60 days, 60% of the purchase amount will be refunded, and the remaining 40% ​​of the purchase price will not be refunded;


D. When the purchase time is between 61-90 days, 30% of the purchase amount will be refunded, and the remaining 70% ​​of the purchase price will not be refunded;


E. When the purchase time is more than 90 days , the purchase amount will not be refunded.

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