Luggage Sets 3 Pcs Spinner Suitcase Hardshell Lightweight 20”24”28”(Black)

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【Selected Materials】With lightweight, three-layer composite compression construction and 100% ABS material this 3-piece luggage set is strong, easy to maneuver, and can accompany you all around the world. It’s tougher than the average suitcase and can go anywhere you do. 

【Functional Spinner Wheels】Four silent, 360-degree rotating wheels make this suitcase as mobile as they get. Regardless of direction, these wheels allow your suitcase to stay upright while getting pushed, pulled and dragged in any direction. One set(3 pieces) for all life’s journeys. 

【Lock & Handle】3-digit combination lock helps keep your possessions safe and secure. The handle of this luggage set can be adjusted according to your height and is ergonomically designed to be easily raised and lowered. 

【Handy Packing】Designed to include a spacious, highly usable interior with mesh pockets and elastic crossover straps, this luggage set will ensure you can pack neatly, securely and can organize your luggage, including important, tiny gadgets in perfect order. 

【Warranty】After returning from your adventures, you can save space in the home by neatly storing each luggage piece inside the other. Our products come with a 2-year, worldwide guarantee. If you’ve got any questions about this product please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Product description:

This luggage set caters for the needs of all travelers thanks to a sturdy, lightweight, 100% ABS material that features a simple, horizontal-striped design that adds aesthetics while enhancing luggage strength. Take Merax with you on all life’s adventures , you never know where you might end up. 

Features of the luggage

Material: 100% ABS, lightweight and durable.

4-wheels: 360° rotation, with a nylon material which is quieter and more impact resistant.

3-digit combination lock: easy to use and keeps your belongings safe.

Handle: Adjustable lever for ergonomics and comfort.

Organized interior: with a mesh pocket and elastic straps you can better organize and secure your luggage.


1. The lock is set to 0-0-0 at the factory. Make sure the dials are rotated at 0-0-0 or any other code you've set before resetting it.

2. Push the button on the broadside, while in this position, enter your new code by rotating the dials.

3. Release the button and your combination is now set.

4. Scramble the dials and test your new code to be sure the correct one is set.

luggage setApprox.Dimension(excluding wheels)Approx.Dimension(including wheels)Approx.WeightCapacityTravel days
20inch19.5"×13.8"×8.7"21.3"×13.8"×8.7"5.6 LBS36 L1~4 days
24inch23.5"×16.1"×9.8"25.2"×16.1"×9.8"7.4 LBS61 L4~7 days
28inch27.5"×19.1"×11.0"29.0"×19.1"×11.0"8.6 LBS93 L7~9 days