GIGACLOUD Platform Authentication Service Agreement


1. This Agreement is to be signed between Giga Cloud Logistics Inc. (service provider, hereinafter referred to as Giga Cloud) and yourself (service recipient).

2. The term “service refers to the ‘Forgot Password’ function provided by Giga Cloud in the event you lose access to your account and cannot log in due to a forgotten password or other reasons. You are enabled to attempt at retrieving your account password through submitting a request and providing relevant information as required.

The “Forgot Password” refers to the function on the Giga Cloud platform that enables you to change and or retrieve your account password so you may continue using your designated account.

3. When your account cannot be logged into due to a forgotten password or other reasons, you may use the ‘Forgot Password’ function for authentication purposes. The information you enter and submit in the process of using this function must be true, legal and valid. You should fill in any relevant information as required. If you cannot provide the requested information, the retrieval attempt will be invalid.

4. After accepting the ‘Forgot Password’ authentication application, the Giga Cloud automated system will review the information provided and compare it to the existing information that was previously submitted, at which point it will be determined whether or not the information is valid.

The Passport Retrieval Service is only available for Buyers registered on Giga Cloud platform. If a Buyer has more than two sales orders, in order to verify their identity they will be presented with multiple sales order IDs and will have to correctly select which two IDs are associated with orders in their account. If the number of imported sales orders is less than 2 or the Buyer has no sales orders, the Buyer will be required to verify their full name and telephone number that was submitted when they initially registered their account.

5. Giga Cloud does not guarantee that you will be able to regain access to your account through the ‘Forgot Password’ function. If the authentication is unsuccessful, you must provide additional evidence in order to submit an appeal in accordance to the system requirements. After a successful password reset, it is recommended to take careful note your new password and any related information that can be used for verification purposes. It is also recommended to take appropriate security measures for the equipment used to log into your Giga Cloud account.

6. You should ensure that the information provided to Giga Cloud is true, legal and valid. The information is essential for using this service and retrieving the lost account. If the information provided by you is false or the registration information is known by others, the loss caused shall be borne by yourself.

7. You understand and agree that Giga Cloud can accept any customer's authentication for any account. In order to protect the security of your account, you need to take necessary and effective measures to protect your account security, so as to avoid having your account compromised. By signing this agreement you guarantee that you will only initiate the ‘Forgot Password’ authentication for the account you have registered under and have the right to use, and you agree that you will not request a ‘Forgot Password’ authentication on another customer's account or

8. If your account is involved in any major disputes such as administrative or judicial investigations, case detection, litigation, etc. Giga Cloud may temporarily suspend the involved account. During the account freeze period, you are not allowed to initiate ‘Forgot Password’ authentication for the frozen account, and Giga Cloud also has the right not to accept or approve the appeal any ‘Forgot Password’ related requests. If the account is frozen or recovered due to the your violation of laws and regulations, stipulations of this agreement or the relevant service terms of Giga Cloud, you are not eligible to initiate ‘Forgot Password’ authentication for the frozen and recovered account, and Giga Cloud has the right not to accept or approve any appeal.

9. In order to improve the customer experience and improve overall services, Giga Cloud reserves the right to modify this ‘Forgot Password’ service function and corresponding rules at any time without notifying users. If deemed necessary, any modification notices will be sent to you as a Notification via the Message Center. If the customer violates government laws and regulations, stipulations of this agreement or the relevant service terms of Giga Cloud, Giga Cloud has the right to conduct independent judgment and limit or terminate the ‘Forgot Password’ service for your account at any time. Any loss caused or generated, or any compensation or demand claimed by a third party shall as a result of this be borne by you.

10. By using the ‘Forgot Password’ service, you shall be deemed to have read and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement. Giga Cloud has the right to modify the clauses of this agreement when necessary. You can monitor the latest version of the clauses of this agreement on the relevant service page. After the clauses of this Agreement have been modified, if you continue to use the ‘Forgot Password’ service, you will be deemed to have accepted the modified agreement.

11. Any dispute or controversy between you and Giga Cloud should be initially settled through friendly negotiation. If negotiation fails, you agree to submit any dispute or controversy to the court within the jurisdiction of the location where this agreement is signed.

All clause headings in this agreement are for convenience of reading only and have no actual meaning, they cannot be used as the basis for interpretation of this agreement.

If any clauses of this agreement become partially or fully invalid or unenforceable for whatever reason, all remaining clauses remain valid and are binding to both parties.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the ‘Forgot Password’ service, you may contact Giga Cloud Customer Service where you will receive the necessary assistance.

The copyright of this agreement is owned by Giga Cloud, and Giga Cloud reserves the right to interpret this agreement.